Camp Clear Mind FAQ

We offer boarding and board and train programs at our home/training field location-on a case by case basis

Camp Clear Mind is offered to help your dog understand new skills quickly and effectively by immersing in a training program with their trainer. We’ll be working together not just in focused sessions, but thoughout the day to practice good manners in the home. For these skills to stick, we work closely to train you too! Our lessons together will teach you how to work with your dog to ensure long term success.


Why a board and train?

Our board and train program is a great way to quick start core skills and attention. When learning new skills, it can be difficult for our dogs to learn from someone who is also in the learning phase. Instead of you both learning at the same time - I can effectively train your dog first, then teach you how to replicate the training.

What skills will my dog learn?

Each program is unique for your dog. We’ll discuss what is important to you and for your lifestyle. Skills from the Foundation Manners 1 course are the guide for the 2 week camp which includes sit, down, go to bed/crate, loose leash walking, come, leave it. The 3 week camp practices these skills around novel distractions out in the ‘real world'.’

Where will my dog be during the day? At night?

Generally, pups sleep in crates in the house at night. During the day we rotate between training sessions, play time in the yard (sniffing, fetch, tug, swimming, playing with other dogs if they enjoy it), or relaxing in secure outdoor kennels.

How many training sessions will my dog have a day?

Generally 2-6 sessions a day. The number depends on the length of each session and what works best for your individual dog. We are constantly training throughout the day, working on manners and focus in the home, yard and walks.

Will Camp Clear Mind fix my dog’s behavior problem?

Our 2 and 3 week Camp programs are ideal for dogs who are comfortable in a crate, and without major anxieties. We focus just on core obedience skills, attention and cooperation.

Behavior Modification Camps do include the above obedience, attention and cooperation skills (all essential for every dog and our communication with them!) but also works on changing your dog’s perceptions about what causes them anxieties. Behavior problems that are based in how feels about things (other dogs, people, etc) shouldn’t be thought of as being ‘fixed.’ As a living, breathing, emotional being - not a computer or applicance of course - there isn’t a straight fix. We do want all dogs to be able to go though day to day life without happily and stress free, but they may need life long management and support from you for success.