Feisty Fido - Reactive dog Program

When out on a walk and you see another dog approaching, do you tense up-knowing that your pup is about to lose it? If barking, lunging, spinning and refusing to acknowledge your existence is your dog’s reaction- you’re not alone! These dogs are reactive. While typically not outright aggressive to all other dogs, on leash anxiety or frustration can cause an uncontrollable situation.

This program is designed you and your dog - you’ll both be students. You’ll learn management skills to get out of difficult situations, and the training skills for long term behavioral change. The dogs will have the opportunity to practice calm responses to other dogs in carefully controlled situations. We will help your dog learn self control, focus and that other dogs predict good things. Dogs will not greet/sniff with each other at anytime, we’re practicing skills for seeing and passing other dogs on leash.

To enroll, we will meet first for a Behavior Evaluation at the training field in Felton. Here we will discuss your dog’s history, learn foundations of behavior theories and practice core skills around a neutral dog. You’ll recieve an email with an outline of your dog’s behavior training plan, and summary of homework to practice.

Once you and your dog are comfortable with the skills needed to work calmly at a distance from other dogs in our individual sessions, we’ll meet and work out in the real world together.

For further practice join the Fiesty Fido Advanced training class. This is designed to be a comfortable place to practice your skills, attention and having fun while around other dogs at safe distance.   

Reactive Dog Package: $400 (Includes Initial Behavior Consult, 2 sessions at our training field with a neutral dog, and 1 session out in the real world)

Felton Feisty Fido Adv Group Class Begins June 21st Fridays 5pm 6 weeks, $200 (Classes are 50 min and meet once a week. This class will be limted to 4 dog/handler teams.

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