Feisty Fido - Reactive dog class

When out on a walk and you see another dog approaching, do you tense up-knowing that your pup is about to lose it? If barking, lunging, spinning and refusing to acknowledge your existence is your dog’s reaction- you’re not alone! These dogs are reactive. While typically not outright aggressive to all other dogs, on leash anxiety or frustration can cause an uncontrollable situation.

This class is designed you and your dog - you’ll both be students. You’ll learn management skills to get out of difficult situations, and the training skills for long term behavioral change. The dogs will have the opportunity to practice calm responses to other dogs in carefully controlled situations. We will help your dog learn self control, focus and that other dogs predict good things.

The first class we will meet without the dogs to discuss dog behavior theories and practice our skills on neutral dogs. Dogs will be kept out of sight from one another until ready to practice our specific skills around other dogs. Dogs will not greet/sniff with each other at anytime, we’re practicing skills for seeing and passing other dogs on leash. Class size is limited to 6 dogs, with two instructors. 

San Jose location: Fetch Sam 342 Race st San Jose (indoor 7000sq ft agility facility with plenty of space and matted floors.      

Feisty Fido Beginning Nov 25th Sundays 6pm 6 weeks $240 
Feisty Fido Advanced Sundays 7:15pm 6 weeks $240 Start this class anytime! Inquire to confirm there is space.
Reactive Rally  Sept 30th Sundays 6pm 6 weeks $200  This class is for dogs who have been through the Feisty Fido Beginning and Advanced classes, and who have an understanding of focused heeling. 

Felton Field location:     

Felton Feisty Fido Adv

Mondays at 10am 6 weeks $200 Start this class anytime! Inquire to confirm there is space. This class is for dogs who have been working in individual lessons already, and are ready to integrate to working in a small group of other dogs.  We'll emphasize attention, obedience skills, games, some agility skills, confidencebuilding, etc. 



Before signing up, please fill out the
Behavior Questionnaire 
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