Felton Training Field

Felton Training Field

Individual Lessons

Meeting individually is often the best option to directly address behavioral problems that aren't able to be thoroughly covered in group classes. We spend our time working exactly on the specific issues at hand. We meet and train at our private training field in Felton, a 5000+ sq ft turf field designed for dog training. I specialize in dogs who go over threshold easily-due to aggression, frustration or general reactivity; and high energy, high drive dogs. 

Behavior problems I address include:

  • aggression (to humans, other dogs or animals)

  • resource guarding

  • reactivity to other dogs

  • manners in the home

  • separation anxiety

  • crate training

  • barking & more

Private lessons can also be a great way to focus on specific obedience skills, advanced Nosework practice, IPO tracking, competition preparation and more. Lessons can be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday. First meetings require pre-payment by PayPal, Venmo or booking online, 24hr notice for rescheduling or cancellation.

Please fill out our Behavior Questionnaire to get started.

Initial Behavior Consultation: $150 Includes 1.5 hour meeting where we go over a complete history, perform a behavior evaluation, practice management techniques and start specific training for long term change. At the end of the session we will have a training plan in place so you can start with the skills you need right away. These are held at the Felton training Field.

Follow up lessons: $100/1 hr - also the rate for obedience, tracking, nosework and minor behavior issues. 'Mini' 30min lessons are available for follow up check ins, to work on a single obedience skill, etc for $45. At the Felton Field.

Package of 4 follow up 1 hr lessons: $360

Reactive Dog Package: $325 (Includes Initial Behavior Consult, 1 follow up session at our training field with a neutral dog, and 1 session out in the real world) More info on this program HERE

Reactive Dog Package Extra: $400 (Includes Initial Behavior Consult, 2 sessions at our training field with a neutral dog, and 1 session out in the real world) More info on this program HERE

Puppy Consults: $125 - Meeting in your home to start key foundation skills for communication together for life! We’ll also form a solid plan for house and crate training, general management, and discuss socialization. Ideal for puppies who haven’t have two rounds of vaccinations yet. (Within the SLV/West SC area)

Phone/Skype Consults $75/hr - Includes reviewing videos of your dog's behaviors and training, video examples of skills to train and a written follow up. A great option if in person lessons are feisble, learning about the hows and whys of training, setting up a training plan, etc. 


Ready to meet, or schedule a follow up? Book online here!

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You can also call, email or text (831 222 0211) to set up our next lesson together.

Don't see a time that works, or need something sooner? Let me know! I can be in touch in case of any cancellations/openings.

Individual Lesson
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Panorama of the Felton Training Field

Panorama of the Felton Training Field