Sport Classes

Nosework, Agility and Rally are all fun ways to spend time with your dog, learn how to communicate better and build your bond. Whether you want to just have fun, or plan to compete at the highest level, we're here to help you achieve your goals.


Rex alerting to odor source...and coming in for his reward!


Get going with the fun sport of Nosework! We'll teach your dog how to identify particular scents (birch, anise and clove) and find them in a variety of locations. Training using your dog's nose is an incredibly good way to tire out both their brains and body. High energy, nervous, reactive, old or young - all benefit! Nosework games can be played indoors on rainy days, or outside at the park. When your dog is using its 'hunt' drive to find a scent they're working their energy in a directed, contolled way - much better than getting amped up playing fetch.

Finding scent is natural for dogs - its telling us where it is that is the hard part! To help with clear communication, we teach a very solid 'alert' behavior first. With this method, it is clear to both the handler and dog exactly where the odor source is, our ultimate goal.

Location: Felton Training Field: On Hwy 9, 1.5 miles south of Felton, 4.5 miles north of Santa Cruz
Beginning: TBD - inquire for next start date!
Level 2/3: Ongoing, Thursdays at 3:30/4:30 pm       6 weeks $150


For fun or competition, training higher level obedience is a great for cooperation in real life, relationship building and as a mental/physical outlet for your dog! We'll begin the training a precision, focused heel (different than loose leash walking) from the ground up, as well as straight fronts, dumbell hold, directionals, and stays. With a good foundation, you'll be able to be successful heeling past distractions in real life, AKC obedience or Rally.

Location: Felton Training Field. On Hwy 9, 1.5 miles south of Felton, 4.5 miles north of Santa Cruz

Date: TBD - inquire for next start date!

agility skills

Jump! Go! Weave! Tunnel! Run! This agility class will cover the foundation skills needed for agility, off leash focus, introduce equipment and how to run short courses. A great way to exercise your dog's brain and body.

Skills: Nose and foot targets, circle work, recall, stays, jumps, tunnel, 2x2 weave intro & more

Location: Felton Training Field
Beginning: April 16th, 5pm 6 week session, $150 (classes are 50min and meet once a week)
Intermediate: Mondays at 330pm, ongoing